Motorcycle trousers are an essential protective element when riding on any type of motorcycle.

We offer the very finest quality Cafe Racer trousers and jeans with maximum protection and certified because road rash isn't a good look.

Most of our motorycycle trousers come equipped with armour in the hips and the knees but but kevlar is not for anyone. Wearing an appropriate motorcycle trouser will not only keep you crash protected but have the necessary abrasion resistance in case of a slide.

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Adrenaline Denim Blue

Preço regular: 154,90 €

Preço especial: 92,94 €


Preço regular: 249,90 €

Preço especial: 224,91 €

Basic Tex Jeans Blue

Preço regular: 119,90 €

Preço especial: 83,93 €

Superstone Wash

Preço regular: 249,90 €

Preço especial: 224,91 €

Fatigue Anthracite

Preço regular: 149,90 €

Preço especial: 134,91 €

Furious Tex Jeans Super Stone Wash
Furious Evo Black Leather

Preço regular: 189,90 €

Preço especial: 170,91 €


Preço regular: 159,90 €

Preço especial: 143,91 €

Spidi J&Dyneema Black Black

Preço regular: 299,90 €

Preço especial: 269,91 €

Itens 1 a 9 num total de 24