Motorcycle footwear began as a simple item for the feet and has been developed continuously.

In addition to keeping your feet protected and comfortable it is important that they have style. We know that the riders in the Cafe Racers are very sensitive to the style and this leads us to choose the most fashionable articles that satisfy the safety requirements and also aesthetic.

Manufacturers and the brands now employ designers from the fashion industry and the results are awesome, the look are impressive.

Our collection has a range of boots and shoes that not only look fantastic but have state-of-the-art protective technology and waterproof membranes to keep your fingers dry!

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Sneaker HT01 Blue Cyen

Preço regular: 199,00 €

Preço especial: 179,10 €

X-Goodwood Caffe

Preço regular: 239,90 €

Preço especial: 215,91 €

X-Nashville Brown

Preço regular: 219,90 €

Preço especial: 197,91 €

X-Nashville Lady Black

Preço regular: 219,90 €

Preço especial: 197,91 €

X-Village Black

Preço regular: 199,90 €

Preço especial: 179,91 €


Preço regular: 159,90 €

Preço especial: 143,91 €


Preço regular: 149,90 €

Preço especial: 134,91 €

7 Item(ns)